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Certificate of Free Sale apostille for saudi Arabia

A Certificate of Free Sale, also known as a “Certificate to Foreign Governments”, or “Certificate for Export” is required in many countries. One export form you may be required to provide is the Certificate of Free Sale. It provides assurance to the customs authority of the importing country that the items listed on the certificate of free sale are the same items manufactured in the United States and sold here without restriction. They are likely to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations. The Certificate of Free Sale provides that assurance because the form is certified by a U.S.-based chamber of commerce. Some countries might require a certificate from a government agency such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for specific products.

A Certificate of Free Sale is a document set by the Department that contains information about the regulatory or marketing status of a product.. The certificate of Free Sale is available only for dietary supplements, medical foods, cosmetic products, and foods for special dietary use that may be legally marketed in the United States.

Certificate of Free Sale(CFS) Requirements:
You must prove that the products are manufactured in the United States by submitting a written declaration from the manufacturer (or a written declaration from your company if you are the manufacturer) stating that the products are made in the United States. (For a limited time only).
Your company must provide copies of invoices demonstrating the sale of each product to a U.S. customer for each product you want to be listed on the Certificate of Free Sale. Every invoice should include the customer’s name and address in the United States, as well as be dated in the last 12 months, and the goods’ names should match those on the Free Sale certificate. Please keep in mind that if you have more than one product, we can usually list them all on one certificate, typically up to 20 (though we will still need copies of invoices proving the sale of each product to customers in the United States).

What Is the need for a Certificate of Free Sale?
Certain items manufactured in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. When they are imported by other countries, the product must also comply with their regulations.
International trade is governed by laws in both the country of origin and the country of destination. Dietary supplements, food additives, and agricultural products, for example, are regulated by US government agencies such as the FDA and the Agriculture Department. The FDA is also in charge of medical devices.

When those merchandises are exported, the regulations of the receiving country should also be followed. Before goods can be shipped to foreign governments, exporters must obtain a CFS when registering or renewing product registration with a foreign country.
A certificate of Free Sale (CFS) is required in many countries. Even more, it is now required to accompany Certificates of Origin and other documents for international shipments to clear customs.

Which countries require free sale certificates?
Nowadays, almost every country requires a CFS with shipments or sales transactions. To meet the regulations of the importing country, the sale of each product may necessitate documentation such as a Certificate of Free Sale and a Certificate of Origin.

Who Has the Authority to Issue Export Certificates?

Companies concerned with exporting goods could choose where to acquire CFS documentation because various US agencies manage Certificates of Free Sale for specific industries:

U.S.Food and Drug Administration
State governments
Chambers of Commerce
U.S. Department of Agriculture

How Much Does a Certificate of Free Sale Cost and How Long Does It Take?

Each agency or organization that issues certificates of free sale has its own set of rules. Exporters should submit the following information in physical or electronic form:
A written declaration from the specific manufacturer that the goods are manufactured in the United States. This written declaration should be on the letterhead of the company.
Two invoices indicating that each product was sold to two different people in the United States. Every invoice must include the customer’s name and U.S. address and be dated within the last 12 months.

The names of the products on the invoices must be at least 80% identical to those on the certificate. Multiple products could be listed on a single certificate, but invoices demonstrating a sale are required for each.
You can apply for a free sale certificate by first creating your company profile and then applying for the certificate. For company profile approval, you must have a business license that was issued within the last 12 months. Submit a request form for the certificate.
Creating your company profile is completely free. Membership is not required to apply for a free sale certificate or any other export certificate.

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