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Certificate of Good Standing apostille for saudi Arabia

Certificate of Good Standing includes the following:

Certificate of Good Standing Apostille

Date of Incorporation of the Registered Company
Company Registration Number Company Description
The company is now on the Register, and all fees, including license fees, have been paid.
The company was formed in compliance with the appropriate Companies Act.
Articles of Merger or Consolidation which have not become effective have not been submitted to the Registrar by the Company.
There is no receiver appointed and the company is not in liquidation.
The company is not about to be dissolved or wound up.
No action has been taken to remove the company’s name from the Register.
An authorized officer at the Company Registrar dates, signs, and stamps the Certificate of Good Standing/Certificate of Existence.
The corporation is in good standing and is still in continuous and uninterrupted operation since its inception.

We can provide Apostilled Certificates of Good Standing. The apostille process entails the inclusion of a certificate stamped on the document, which is known as legalization. Once legalized, the presenter could bypass additional certification and use the documents immediately in the destined overseas country.

When the Companies Registry prepares your Certificate of Good Standing/ Certificate of Existence, a scanned copy is emailed to you. The original Certificate could be couriered through DHL/ FedEx Courier for an additional fee.
Acquiring an apostille can be difficult. don’t Leave these procedures to untrained employees or non-professionals who are unfamiliar with the Apostille process and the specific requirements of various countries. Your paperwork could be rejected, which would cost you time and money. Do not allow this to happen to you!

Saudi Apostille takes the hassle out of getting an apostille for your documents from all 50 states and the District of Columbia can be apostilled from our (Washington DC) office.


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