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Certificate of Merger apostille for saudi Arabia

saudi apostille provides attestation service for Articles of Merger issued by US Corporations and destined for use in The Hague Apostille countries. We obtain Apostille for the plan of Merger from the Secretary of State Office in the Same State where the notary is commissioned.
Certificate of Merger is a voluntary integration between two companies to form a new business entity based on a roughly fixed terms that are stated in the contract. However, certificate of acquisition refers to the domination of one firm over another by taking up %51 of its stock shares.

saudi apostille may help corporations in other states to expedite the attestation of their Certificate of Merger by acquiring the certification of the MD Secretary of State instead. Documents must be properly signed and notarized by a local notary public prior to requesting the Certification of the Maryland SOS. For more information, please choose the Origin State, in which State the document was issued, from the table below:


Secretary of State authentication
US State Department authentication
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