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Power of Attorney apostille for saudi Arabia

You should mail the original notarized copy to our office for processing in order to apostille your power of attorney. A power of attorney could only be authenticated by the state in which it was notarized. The notary should be commissioned and use appropriate notarial language for their state.

The Secretary of State lacks the authority to certify documents notarized in other states. For instance, if your power of attorney has been signed and notarized in California, the only state that could issue the apostille is California. Another example is that if your power of attorney has been signed and notarized in the State of New York, the apostille can only be issued by the State of New York.
Some states require the County Clerk to authenticate a notarized document. Hawaii, Maryland, Kentucky, New York, and Tennessee are among these states.

We recommend that you have your power of attorney prepared by a professional in the country where you are requesting it. For example, if the country of Mexico requires a signed and notarized power of attorney, we suggest that your document be prepared in both English and Spanish by an attorney or paralegal in Mexico. Some states in the United States would not apostille a document written in a different language. We recommend that your documents be written in both languages to avoid this.
If you are located outside of the United States and need your signed power of attorney authenticated for a nation other than the United States, you can contact the local United States Embassy or Consulate office and meet with a United States Federal notary. Once notarized, you could mail this document to our apostille office in Washington, DC for processing.
Saudi Arabia apostille make obtaining an apostille for your power of attorney simple. Apostilled documents from all 50 states and the District of Columbia could be obtained from our office in Washington, DC.


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